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From 1 - 50 £9.00 per bottle napkin
From 51 - 100 £7.50 per bottle napkin
From 101 upwards £6.00 per bottle napkin

Table napkins £5 - £8 per napkin
£5 - £8 depending on length of name and/or complexity.

The cloak napkin size to fit and work with an ice bucket is 16” as it can scoop under the bottle and dry the excess water off the bottle before dripping over the table. We have also created a 12” napkin which purely sits on the table and doesn’t work with ice bucket.

Bottle Cloaks 12":

Bottle Cloaks 16":

Table Napkins:

Pick a colour:
CreamWhiteNavy BlueRacing GreenRedGoldLight BlueBlack

Custom logo? (This will be requested at a later stage)
A one off payment of approximately £20 will be charged if logo artwork is to be used as it will need to be traced onto our software unless you can provide a pdf.
Pdf provided?

Number of personalised names on napkin?

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*Nothing is impossible, we can do any design you require and we can match as close as possible the thread of your choice. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.